Country estate in the Southern Highlands

Country estate in the Southern Highlands

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Southern Highlands, NSW
Welcome to my world. I am a young Shi Tzu puppy who lives in considerable comfort at Lynwood Farm with THEM. I’m fascinated by the way people live - in the rooms they build, the gardens they plant, the treasures they collect and the comfort they create. THEY give me the complete run of the house, so I will be able to show you lots of pictures of life at Lynwood.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012


 The word "espalier" is a French word, pronounced as "es-pal-yer." It is derived from the Italian word "spalliera" which means to rest against a shoulder.

camellia on the coach house, prior to its annual prune (see below)

THEY think espaliered trees add structure to the garden. I think they make it easier for smalls, like my friend Inigo & his sister Illa, to reach during harvest time.

In the apple circle, the nine different varieties of heritage apples (from Woodbridge Fruit Trees in Tasmania) were trained on to a rustic wooden fence, made from old tree trunks & branches, now the apples are the fence.
The apples are from dwarfing root stock, and ripen in sequence over a seven month period.

Woodbridge are very generous with their tips on getting started with espaliers.

Another espalier apple, on the side of the cottage.
orange & lemon tunnel in the making, resting against a willow frame

This is the camellia half way through its annual pruning - HE gets very cross if people think HE was an orthodontist in a previous life.

cherries against a drystone wall
breakfast room: "espalier" wallpaper by pierre frey, tablecloth from Pigott's Store, repro chairs of no consequence, painted white.
photograph Mark Jones

Tuesday, 28 February 2012


I know you all think that I just lie around in a basket all day with Bella - but really I am very busy keeping the chooks in line, and the cows exercised.

And here I am, doing my bit for the blog.

The baskets in the Garden Room. SHE says she uses all of them !

early garlic to plant from Diggers

 string from Mickey Robertson.

but, with rain today (& more forecast) I guess I will be spending a lot of time here (thats me on the left)

Monday, 27 February 2012

the core of the house

Everything leads off the hall - Bella & I can keep tabs on everyone coming and going from here - in fact with the new glass front door, we can even see up the drive !

all photographs today were taken by the very clever Mark Jones, Sydney +61293107660

Monday, 20 February 2012

Welcome to my world - Lynwood Farm - where I live in considerable comfort with THEM.

THEY have decided to sell Lynwood, and build another house and garden, so I thought I would share with you the rituals of daily life here in the meantime. THEY give me the complete run of the house, so I will be able to show you lots of pictures. Lets start with the front - here it is:

THEY also spend a lot of time with me in the garden, particularly the kitchen garden - so here is a photo of that, showing my sister Adorabella and my cousin Sally. You can also learn a lot about vegetable gardens at