Country estate in the Southern Highlands

Country estate in the Southern Highlands

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Southern Highlands, NSW
Welcome to my world. I am a young Shi Tzu puppy who lives in considerable comfort at Lynwood Farm with THEM. I’m fascinated by the way people live - in the rooms they build, the gardens they plant, the treasures they collect and the comfort they create. THEY give me the complete run of the house, so I will be able to show you lots of pictures of life at Lynwood.

Monday, 27 August 2012

All Dressed up !

Who doesn't like a pretty dressing table ? especially with the scent of freshly cut flowers wafting though the whole house. 

The last of the winter roses, a few blossoms braving the winter chills before John pruned them last week.

Here you can see HIS beloved old dog JB, a Bouvier named after Jacqueline (are you old enough to know who she was ?) 

and then the violets arrived - lots of them !
oh bliss, oh joy - violets and daphne.

 Don't the violets look wonderful on Kim Wilkie's book (he's a real star).

and here you can see HER beloved old dog, Ruffles ! 
Why hasn't HE got any violets ?

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Christopher Spitzmiller

This is an early warning treat for all of Bumble's readers: fresh from New York, a shipment of Christopher Spitzmiller lamps have arrived at Pigott's Store.
Four very different shapes, with the cleanest, sharpest colours you will ever see. Every lamp is hand made in Christopher's studio in New York City. 
Pigott's is the only overseas distributor of these lamps, and if you like any of the other lamps on Christopher's website, they can order it in for you. 
SHE of course wants them all !
Our daffy's have never been framed by so much opulent beauty ! Earlier that morning we helped THEM collect the daffodils from the bank at Lynwood.
 But next time, can we please have breakfast first ? that's me on the left.
 packed up ready for the trip to Sydney !

and finally, here is HIS favourite ! perhaps because it reminds HIM of a cocktail shaker ?

Friday, 17 August 2012

Jack Frost pays a visit

We love waking to a freeeeezing cold and frosty morning. We zoom over the 'rugby oval' on our way to the orchard and the chickens, our feet crunching and scrunching on the brittle grass and leaves. 
On mornings like this everything is calm, ghostly quiet and dry. 
What could be nicer for Bella and me, especially as our tummies stay dry, and our paws clean. No washing tub for us today !

Though their little house is warm & snug, the chickens always get extra rations on a cold morning - and THEY reward themselves with a freshly laid egg each for breakfast. 

If we've been good, Bella and I might even get some egg on our biscuits (that's me on the left). Can you see Kangaroo Valley in the distance - it's where the white cloud is !

Here comes the sun over the valley, melting the frost, getting ready for spring.

You can just see the daffodils on each side of the steps, poking their noses up. Soon this will be ablaze with yellow.

Too cold for breakfast out here today !

These are HIS cider apple trees- there are the usual plans to use the cider press early in the New Year, but this time there are rumours that champagne yeast will be the secret ingredient in the cider. 
and don't the espaliade heritage apples look so architectural in the winter.

Its always a beautiful day following a frost - that's my bed getting some sun.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

10 people, 6 dogs !

The name of the game at Lynwood is comfort.  
Not just for friends and family but the four footeds as well !
So everyone can and does bring their dogs for a weekend in the country.
This time it was all the family joining us, including all our four footed cousins.
We (Sally Bella and I) love it when the house is full, and so do THEY.

Bella and I are happy to share our sofa with everyone (that's me on the sofa, second from the left). 
The new baby is Oscar, sitting on Charlotte's lap. 

We all love Eagle - but look at those eyes (he can be quite fierce - he is a Jack Russell after all).

What is the plural of sprawl ?

Not everyone is glued to the rugby. Is Facebook an addiction ?

Just the weather for a bracing walk (does this remind you of  Tricky Wu being taken for a walk ?)

HE loves it when Charlotte (or her brother Guy) take over the cooking duties.

Oscar simply doesn't want to go home.