Country estate in the Southern Highlands

Country estate in the Southern Highlands

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Southern Highlands, NSW
Welcome to my world. I am a young Shi Tzu puppy who lives in considerable comfort at Lynwood Farm with THEM. I’m fascinated by the way people live - in the rooms they build, the gardens they plant, the treasures they collect and the comfort they create. THEY give me the complete run of the house, so I will be able to show you lots of pictures of life at Lynwood.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

winter delights

At Lynwood Farm, small pleasures are the foundation of contentment, especially when they chime in with the rhythm of life.

What could be more pleasurable on a cold day than seeing the fruits of summer labour arrive in the form of oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes ?

We all love spending time in the orchard, especially when we know that dinner is waiting back at the house (that's me on the right).

The Seville oranges usually  make the best marmalade, but this year the limes came up trumps.

Slicing, peeling and pithing take place in the kitchen, where HE insists on playing his 60's rock & roll at full volume for the whole afternoon. The rest of us retreat to the sun room.

HE has managed to ruin one or two of HER favourite pots, but thanks to HIS splendid thermometer, the marmalade never gets spoiled. 
Another small pleasure is the giving of the marmalade to friends and family - but that is likely to be restricted soon as SHE has discovered the Sarah Raven recipe for marmalade ice cream - now more of HIS jars get used up at dinner than at breakfast !

Sunday, 15 July 2012

cripes ! stripes !

SHE decided the sun room needed a freshen-up. The ferns had to go, the green checked floor ditto.

HE had been asking for stripes on a wall - but has now got stripes on the floor.

This was a walk in the park for the trusty Rob Buckle (0248851684) - he who has painted everything at Lynwood. 

Started Thursday, finished Friday - magic ! 

The Old Rose Colefax has a new lease of life. The twig side table came from the attic, and SHE plans to paint it tomorrow (probably a creamy white, what do you think ?)
Notice the tray of shells & coral in the corner - this is HER channelling Reggie, one of HER faves.

I simply can't believe there are roses from the garden in the middle of winter !

The trusty Rob Buckle.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Camilla at the Market

Don't you love a weekend market in the country ? This Saturday it's being held at Bowral.

THEY love going to all the local markets - there is usually one in the area every week or so - where THEY get the organic veg. seedlings and all sorts of delish things to eat.
THEY don't always take us (I think its because quite a lot of people want to say Hi to us because we do look rather adorable )
Its especially exciting  now because our friend Camilla Creswick has a stand selling gorgeous goodies for the garden....last month THEY bought a swing made from recycled timber and big fat rope . SHE thinks Camilla has enormous style so its particularly nice that we can all benefit from that now....... She has very chic shopping baskets, dear little glass cloches, the very beautifully designed garden tools by  Sophie Conran (daughter of Terence), string string and string - you can never have too much string - there is lots more for you to discover.

Here is Camilla with daughter Isla - even at 3 years old, Isla loves to help.

these vegetable brushes are marvellous !

did I mention the string ? 

Here is Camilla getting set for the market.

 If we promise to to be really good, perhaps THEY will take us on Saturday ?

Monday, 2 July 2012

Something SPECIAL for Bumble's Friends

My Aunt Nano,who owns Pigott's Store, is having a big sale - the lease of her storage cottage at the back of the shop has come to an end. The sale starts on Saturday 7th July. 

Because Aunt Nano is so fond of me she is giving you, my friends, an early start from Thursday 5th !

20% OFF everything - and more off some things which will be marked - and you can buy online.

This is me on a Pigott's chair in a Pigott's fabric -  I think these colours suit me !

There are adorable sofas for about $800 - really everything is adorable, so when you go in on Thursday or Friday don't forget to tell them that I sent you.

I know HER head is in a spin, thinking of all those pretty trays with the Pigott's Indian print on them; the waste paper bins, the lamp shades, the lamps, the cushions - the list is endless. 
HE says I have to go with HER to the sale so SHE doesn't get toooo carried away - I might see you there !

Here you can see what SHE does with the trays:

Don't forget they do post overseas.

 We ALL love the sheets from Pigotts !