Country estate in the Southern Highlands

Country estate in the Southern Highlands

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Southern Highlands, NSW
Welcome to my world. I am a young Shi Tzu puppy who lives in considerable comfort at Lynwood Farm with THEM. I’m fascinated by the way people live - in the rooms they build, the gardens they plant, the treasures they collect and the comfort they create. THEY give me the complete run of the house, so I will be able to show you lots of pictures of life at Lynwood.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Teenage haven

This is where my two footed teenage cousins have spent many happy nights, where out of sight of the grown-up's they are free to gorge on midnight feasts (I love exploring all the chocolate wrappers the next morning), play their very strange music and stack a huge amount of discarded clothes in giant piles all over the floor.

The attic expands from two beds to four and has been known to sleep up to 10 teenagers - sometimes the kids take their bedding up to the widow's walk to sleep under the stars. I do wish they would invite me up there - I know I would love it !

This is how it looks before the teen invasion - wait until you see the doors that SHE designed for the bathroom and storeroom. SHE says that SHE was channeling Miles Redd in New York. All the fabrics up here are from Pigotts Store

this old Kilim rug THEY found in Istanbul when visiting THEIR great friend Bige.

Indian tablecloths as blanket covers

these stairs lead up to the widow's walk

The twig table came from Joe Vinks

hello Mr. Redd !

The lights in the bathroom came from Restoration Hardware whilst the bathroom fittings came from The Bath House in Sydney.

the view from the pair of dormer window's


Thursday, 12 April 2012

guest cottage

This was THEIR weekend cottage on Lynwood Farm for 12 years, before they built the house. It could be called 'Stone's Throw' as that is about how far it is away from the main house.
Doesn't every girl love a dolly's house. We love it because we stay in this little cottage with Rosie when THEY go away - Rosie spoils us more than we let on to THEM.
Apparently the cottage was built around 1890. THEY restored it 20 years ago.

This painting was done by THEIR friend Julian Beaumont - its actually the view of the valley from the widow's walk. The little head peeking behind the sofa is a painting of Mrs. Hill (HER very first Shi Tzu) which is used as a door stop. I'm sure I'll end up better placed than that !

The painted pelmets were copied from the Maine cottage of Sister Parish (of Parrish Hadley fame). They were painted by Georgie Carless. Thats Bella on the foot stool.

The butler seems to be empty handed for a change.

She haunts the local farmer's markets and brings back lots of old kitchen implements. Don't you love the enamel kettle ? Bunyas Organics & Antiques in Milton is one her faves.

some old, some new - but why don't THEY paint the shelves ? Odgers & McClelland in the most adorable town of Nundle is a treasure trove of enamel ware, brushes - and all things to do with the house. You will love this store, especially since they will post anywhere.

Whats not to love about spending a weekend in a tiny little cottage like this ? THEY always look forward to family members coming down to stay here especially as there is a new puppy cousin called Oscar in the form of a black poodle.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Easter delights

Easter Saturday supper - for weekend guests SHE gives everyone a numbered napkin and they keep it for the duration. Isn't this a canny idea - it came from Martha Stewart.

Don't you love the quail eggs in the nest ?

The highlight of HIS weekend was when Charlotte arrived with a basket of freshly made hotcross buns that she had just taken out of the oven (once again, thank you Jamie Oliver)

This is a very good vantage point to warn THEM of arriving guests.

Can you believe there were four generations around the table ? THEY firmly believe such an age spread makes the best parties. Ages today ranged from two to eighty four.

and here is the youngest, Iila, aged two (except for me of course as I am only just past one). 

apparently THEY hid some chocolate easter eggs under the bunnies on the front lawn  - Bella and I could'nt find them (that's me on the left).

but I did find some when I visited Aunt Nano !

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Easter eggs

Not all Easter eggs are chocolate eggs.

Early morning view of the stone steps to the orchard.   
This is where my friends live - Mrs. MacGregor, Mrs. Bennett (eerily like her  namesake in Pride & Prejudice), Mary Bennet (unlike her namesake, she does not wear spectacles or play the piano badly), & Ku Chin - a Chinese beauty who arrived last and learned very painfully what 'pecking order' means.

Its hard to be patient when we are so close to our friends. We were in terrible trouble today because I managed to have a bite of Mrs. McGregor's fluffy bottom - and we have been banished to the other side of the gate (thats me on the left).

Ku Chin between the Bennetts

All I want to do is play !

All lined up for breakfast - can you spot the double yolkers from Mrs. McGregor ? 
HE says an egg a day keeps the doctor away. SHE is not so sure.

This is HER egg rack in the kitchen, from whence HER famous lemon drizzle cake emanates. HE says this does not count towards an egg a day. Again, SHE is not so sure.

The pineapple is a traditional symbol of welcome - don't you love the tea pot ? The lemon drizzle cake recipe comes from Classic Conran. Of course the eggs & lemons from Lynwood Farm are the real secret to this cake - but look what happens when you add fruit !

Do you remember my cousin Sally, the English cocker  - her mother Charlotte made this delicious chocolate cake from a Sophie Dahl recipe - Sophie used it in her 'feeling melancholy' TV spot. 
HE says he is happy to eat this extraordinary cake even when he is not in need of cheering up.

Imagine being able to climb a tree ?

My friends tucked up for the night behind their red door.

Monday, 2 April 2012

fuschia romance

why would THEY have single beds in such a romantic room ?
here the morning sun streams in - the vases are from Martyn Cook.
did you know that he & Thomas Hamel are having a lovely big auction at Mossgreen in May ?

 THEY love the old fashioned fuschia from the garden that matches the Colefax wallpaper

one of HER favourite shops is legatoria piazzesi in Venice where they make all sorts of beautiful things covered in hand-blocked paper, some of which you can see on the red lacquered desk - I think you'll love it.

 flowers, thermos, tissues, books to tease, featherbed & soft, pretty sheets - SORTED ! 

 books also for boys - this is where HE keeps his Patrick O'Brien & Allan Mallinson series of action novels - one is at sea, the other ashore. They seem to be vaguely addictive.  There is also a disturbing number of Frederick Forsyth and John Le Carre volumes.

 is this the best reading chair in the house? some people never seem to leave it

rose geranium soap - SHE says its one of life's treats - bath oils, big fat fluffy bath mat & towels - SORTED !

evening view from the bedroom window before blinds are drawn and beds turned down

 and here they are, drinks before dinner

we were all having such a good time - why do people always have to leave ?