Country estate in the Southern Highlands

Country estate in the Southern Highlands

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Welcome to my world. I am a young Shi Tzu puppy who lives in considerable comfort at Lynwood Farm with THEM. I’m fascinated by the way people live - in the rooms they build, the gardens they plant, the treasures they collect and the comfort they create. THEY give me the complete run of the house, so I will be able to show you lots of pictures of life at Lynwood.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Easter eggs

Not all Easter eggs are chocolate eggs.

Early morning view of the stone steps to the orchard.   
This is where my friends live - Mrs. MacGregor, Mrs. Bennett (eerily like her  namesake in Pride & Prejudice), Mary Bennet (unlike her namesake, she does not wear spectacles or play the piano badly), & Ku Chin - a Chinese beauty who arrived last and learned very painfully what 'pecking order' means.

Its hard to be patient when we are so close to our friends. We were in terrible trouble today because I managed to have a bite of Mrs. McGregor's fluffy bottom - and we have been banished to the other side of the gate (thats me on the left).

Ku Chin between the Bennetts

All I want to do is play !

All lined up for breakfast - can you spot the double yolkers from Mrs. McGregor ? 
HE says an egg a day keeps the doctor away. SHE is not so sure.

This is HER egg rack in the kitchen, from whence HER famous lemon drizzle cake emanates. HE says this does not count towards an egg a day. Again, SHE is not so sure.

The pineapple is a traditional symbol of welcome - don't you love the tea pot ? The lemon drizzle cake recipe comes from Classic Conran. Of course the eggs & lemons from Lynwood Farm are the real secret to this cake - but look what happens when you add fruit !

Do you remember my cousin Sally, the English cocker  - her mother Charlotte made this delicious chocolate cake from a Sophie Dahl recipe - Sophie used it in her 'feeling melancholy' TV spot. 
HE says he is happy to eat this extraordinary cake even when he is not in need of cheering up.

Imagine being able to climb a tree ?

My friends tucked up for the night behind their red door.

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