Country estate in the Southern Highlands

Country estate in the Southern Highlands

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Southern Highlands, NSW
Welcome to my world. I am a young Shi Tzu puppy who lives in considerable comfort at Lynwood Farm with THEM. I’m fascinated by the way people live - in the rooms they build, the gardens they plant, the treasures they collect and the comfort they create. THEY give me the complete run of the house, so I will be able to show you lots of pictures of life at Lynwood.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

artichokes anyone ?

Artichokes have abounded in the kitchen garden this summer - SHE'S very good at growing them but HE is not very good at eating them.
Everything's thriving down here - armfuls of Foxgloves and delphiniums have made their way to the house.

HE is very relieved that the susanqua espalier against the coach house survived autumn's vigorous pruning.

I just don't like playing hide and seek !

The twig arbour slowly being turned into the citrus arbour

why is Adorabella such a bad loser ?


  1. As I always say.... the prettiest vegetable garden in the Southern Highlands - perhaps even in NSW - perhaps even in Australia!!!

  2. Love your globe artichokes. We haven't planted any this year, but planted some Jerusalem artichokes which are coming on well. Looking at your very well kept garden always makes me feel embarrassed about the state of ours. It looks beautiful.
    - David.

  3. What a gorgeous garden and the artichoke plants themselves are so beautiful. Thrilled to find and follow your blog!

  4. Oh Artichokes! "they" grew them in their garden but.... took too much space and tasted yukky! LOL

    Kisses from Moi Moi and Coco the pekingese :)

  5. Reggie has been taken over by the Green Eyed Monster of Jealousy at how lovely (and gorgeously tended!) your garden is in these photos. In fact, he's gnashing his teeth right now that he does not have espaliered fruit trees trained on the walls of his barn. Must go have a drink now to calm my nerves...

  6. I am in love with you cute little dogs!!
    you're just adorable!!!
    kisses from Guta and Puppy, the shi-tzu from Brazil

  7. ..what is that dreadful thing on the right side?...please do not move away...blessings laney

  8. I am in love with you susanqua espalier. may I ask how old it is?

  9. I loved the raised planters with the screens over them. Its very neat and loos to be very productive.

  10. So beautiful! Love the planters! Thanks for sharing! :)

    The Office Stylist

  11. I love the fence covers over you vegetable gardens. Looking for ideas for my garden. Wondering how your top lid opens? Thanks.